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The CSU Extension in Gilpin County helps mountain residents improve their quality of life by offering a website, classes and programs that provide unbiased, research-based information on forestry, wildfire, wildlife, mountain gardening, noxious weeds and many other issues. Through our 4-H programs, we help youth develop life skills through leadership opportunities.

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Thanks for checking out Extension Connection, the Gilpin Extension office’s way of connecting with our community during COVID-19 social distancing. Each week, we sent out a newsletter with a topic related to mountain life and a fun kid’s activity, along with updates about the COVID-19 situation in Gilpin County. Here you can view all issues of Extension Connection.

Gilpin Extension Connection vol. 1 – Septic Safety

Gilpin Extension Connection vol. 2 – Healthy Living

Gilpin Extension Connection vol. 3 – Trees

Gilpin Extension Connection vol. 4 – Wildlife
Additional Kid’s Corner Resources – Ethi-Reasoning

Gilpin Extension Connection vol. 5 – Mountain Gardening

Gilpin Extension Connection vol. 6 – Backyard Chickens
Additional Kid’s Corner Resources – The Eggstradordinary Egg Worksheet
Additional Kid’s Corner Resources – Humpty Dumpty Prediction Sheet

Gilpin Extension Connection vol. 7 – Water Conservation
Additional Kid’s Corner Resources – Rainstick activity

Gilpin Extension Connection vol. 8 – Energy

Gilpin Extension Connection vol. 9 – Wildfire Preparedness

Gilpin Extension Connection vol. 10 – Plants
Native Plants and Other Favorites for Gilpin County

Gilpin Extension Connection vol. 11 – Hummingbirds

Kids Corner – Rudder chart and debrief activity


Kids Corner – Sprouting activity instructions

Kids Corner – Soda bottle wick system Instructions

Kids Corner – Burlap Bag Potato Garden

Kids Corner – Mint in a Jar

Kids Corner – Pallet Garden

Kids Corner – How Far Does That Germ Travel

Kids Corner – Vegetable art!

Kids Corner – Volcano

Kids Corner – Vespidae Nests

Kids Corner – Have seeds will travel

Kids Corner -Harvesting Tomato Seeds

Kids Corner – Why Do Aspens Change Color

Kids Corner – Hot-Cold Reactions

Kid’s Corner – Papermaking

Kids Corner – Fire Triangle

Kids Corner – Tree Cookies

Kid’s Corner – Succession Activity

Kids Corner – Wild Turkeys

Kid’s Corner – Planting a Pine Tree from Seed

Kid’s Corner – baking soda ornaments

Kid’s Corner – Pine Cone Fire Starter

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