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The CSU Extension in Gilpin County helps mountain residents improve their quality of life by offering a website, classes and programs that provide unbiased, research-based information on forestry, wildfire, wildlife, mountain gardening, noxious weeds and many other issues. Through our 4-H programs, we help youth develop life skills through leadership opportunities.

Noxious Weeds   arrow

Protect our wildflowers and wildlife from noxious weeds. Control the weeds on your property.

Noxious Weeds In Gilpin County

Canada Thistle

Common Tansy

Wild Caraway

Myrtle Spurge and Orange Hawkweed

CSU Extension in Gilpin County weed display

Chinese Clematis

Cheat Grass/Downy Brome

Diffuse/Spotted Knapweed

Leafy Spurge

Musk Thistle

Oxeye Daisy

Scentless Chamomile

Yellow Toadflax

Most Unwanted Weeds Gilpin County

Noxious Weed Look Alikes

Thistles in Gilpin County

Not all thistles are Noxious! Click here for more information on Native Thistles

Weed killer check-out program for Gilpin County residents to control certain weeds on their property. If you have thistles, knapweeds, oxeye daisy, scentless chamomile, or other noxious weeds, you can check out an herbicide called Milestone, which has a very low use rate, is labeled as practically non-toxic (for people, bees, birds, and aquatics and groundwater), and is not restricted use (no commercial pesticide license required). If you have leafy spurge, hoary cress, perennial pepper weed, or cheat grass, you can check out an herbicide called Plateau, which is also low toxicity. The Extension Office will have the herbicides and a sprayer available for checkout; cost is free due to a grant from the CO Dept. of Agriculture. There will be a $125 fully refundable deposit to ensure prompt return of the sprayer. You will have three days to complete your project.

Colorado State Weed Law and State Noxious Weed List

Principles of Controlling Weeds on your property

Why revegetating a new leach field is important

But Some Weeds are Pretty! Are noxious weeds really that bad?

Colorado Environmental Pesticide Education program

Did you know horses can spread weeds when fed hay that contains weed seed? Information on weed-free hay

For those with new construction: newly excavated or bare areas should be revegetated to prevent weeds and erosion. Visit the Mountain gardening website for local information on how to replant your land.

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