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Low cost seedling trees and shrubs available

Man holding seedling treesDiversify your property to make it more resistant to pine beetle, mistletoe or fire mitigation. Reforest your land with fire or disease resistant trees! Tired of those winds howling through your property? Plant a windbreak! Attract birds with shrubs.

The Colorado State University Forest Service Nursery grows 2,000,000 tree and shrub seedlings statewide every year! Many of the trees will thrive at this altitude.

Seedling sales are restricted however. To qualify you must:

  • Use the seedlings for conservation practices only, such as windbreaks or wildlife habitat.
  • No seedling purchased from our nursery can be resold as a living tree or used for landscaping.
  • Seedlings are only available in lots of 1, 25 or 30 depending on kind.

To order, click here: 2019 Gilpin County Nursery Order Form-final and mail in/drop off with payment by April 29, 2019.

Species are available on a first- come-first serve basis — order early, and check availability here before ordering. We are happy advise you on the best species for your property; call us at 303-582-9106.

Aspen seedlings

They must be paid for at the time of ordering, and they will be available for pickup at the Extension Office May 21. There will be a free class on pickup day 6:00-6:30pm on how to successfully plant your new trees or shrubs; you can pick up your trees at that time.