The CSU Extension in Gilpin County helps mountain residents improve their quality of life by offering a website, classes and programs that provide unbiased, research-based information on forestry, wildfire, wildlife, mountain gardening, noxious weeds and many other issues. Through our 4-H programs, we help youth develop life skills and to become more interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) learning.
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Presentation from Reducing Structural Ignition 2017 class

Please find this valuable presentation on our Fire page.

Join the Community Garden!Swiss chard in community garden

Located on the west side of the Gilpin County Fairgrounds near the Recreation Center, we provide garden space, water, and planting advice. Please see the 2017 Policies and Contract for more information. Required meeting Saturday, April 29 at 4:30pm at the Exhibit Barn (230 Norton Dr.)


Weed killer check-out program for Gilpin County residentssprayer checkout poster

We can help you control certain weeds on their property. If you have thistles, knapweeds, oxeye daisy, scentless chamomile, or other noxious weeds, you can check out an herbicide called Milestone, which has a very low use rate, is labeled as practically non-toxic (for people, bees, birds, and aquatics and groundwater), and is not restricted use (no commercial pesticide license required). If you have leafy spurge, hoary cress, perennial pepperweed, or cheat grass, you can check out an herbicide called Plateau, which is also low toxicity. The Extension Office will have the herbicides and a sprayer available for checkout; cost is free due to a grant from the CO Dept. of Agriculture.There will be a $100 fully refundable deposit to ensure prompt return of the sprayer. You will have three days to complete your project.

New Thermal Camera available- for FREE

Thermal imageA thermal camera has been added to the already popular Home Energy Audit Loan Kit! FLIR Thermal Camera video Use the entire kit to find energy leaks and inefficiencies in your home to help you save energy and money. Call the Extension Office to reserve a Kit for free: 303-582-9106. Borrowing the Thermal Camera requires a $100 fully-refundable deposit. Find more information on HEAL Kits here.

Teen Tech Thursdays

Middle and high schoolers, join us every 2nd and 4th Thursday at the Gilpin County Library for Teen Tech Thursdays. Build robots using lego EV3s and tablets while hanging out with friends. Be sure to reserve your spot here:

Rainwater Collection is now legal!

Get more information on collecting rainwater.